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                        pump Industry Seminar

                        Saturday 30 July 2016

                        SEMINAR START IN


                        Saturday 30 July 2016

                        ABOUT US downloadpdf

                        OUR STORY


                        CP&S Supply Machinery Co.,Ltd. Was established on 2004. At present, our company specializes in equipment and provides advice in the production process for sugar and paper industries such as Pumps, valves, motors, power transmission equipment (gears, sprockets, belts, and others). The company has a quality control of goods for a great quality with fair prices and a plant for after sales service to achieve maximum satisfaction of the customers. Throughout the business operations, the company has good welfare and income, including progressive in his career and stability for the executive and employees. We operate business with fairness to partner companies.


                        OUR FACILITIES


                        The office is 2 floors building with area space of 1200 square meters, decorated with beautiful woodwork and modern sound system with the DVR system for a great and most modern seminar compared to other companies operating in the same business. To build a culture of working through a Web Conference Meeting can teleport up to 26 rooms simultaneously, and live Broad cast and Interactive seminar (Web Seminar) to the customer. Consist of Home-theater room, coffee room and a gym for employees to rest and practice of learning without limits. There is also a plant to repair of products with full repair tool and network systems coverage all office operation area for all convenience of the employees. CCTV IP Camera System to secure all areas which can see via mobile phone in every point. The head office is located on Phuttamonthon Sai 1 and first branch is a warehouse at Samut Sakhon, on Krathumbaen, area of 2 acres with 1600 square meters of living area. Moreover, the company has taken the construction of the second branch of the plant workers for large and medium sized equipment repair services, is located at Uthai Thani, the construction will be completed by 2015. It can handle work with a maximum weight of 10 tons. The company has a plant for smaller repairs service (weighing up to 3 tons) such as valves, pumps, gear repair and others at Bangkok headquarters.

                        OUR PRODUCTS & SERVICE

                        • 1
                        • 2
                        • 3
                          Mortor & Generator
                        • 4
                          Pneumatic & Gauge
                        • 5
                          Power Transmission
                        • 6
                          Pipe & Fitting Joint
                        • 7
                        • 8
                          Drive & Power
                        • 9
                        • 10
                          Bearing & Seal 
                        • 11
                        • 12

                        OUR SPECIAL SERVICE


                        The company's transportation system, there are vehicles that can provide convenient to location and construction of the customer. We have 3 trucks (1.5 tons), 3 medium trucks and 1 lift equipment and 6-wheel trucks carrying 8 tons with a 4 tons crane, which can serve customers quickly.


                        • Thai Roong Ruang Industry Co.,Ltd.
                        • Saraburi Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Thai Multi-Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Thai Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.
                        • Rayong Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Mitr Kalasin Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Kaset Thai International SugarCorporation Co.,Ltd.(Public
                        • Thai Identity Factory Co.,Ltd.
                        • Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.(Public)
                        • New Krung Thai Sugar Factory Co.,Ltd.
                        • New Kwang Soon Lee Sugar Factory Co.,Ltd.
                        • Tamaka Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.
                        • Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.(Public) (Wangsaphung)
                        • Korach Industry Co.,Ltd.
                        • Surin Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Nakornphet Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Banpong Sugar Co.,Ltd. 
                        • Kaset Phol Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • The Kumphawapi Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Thip Sugar Sukhothai Co.,Ltd.
                        • The Suphanburi Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.
                        • Mitr Kasetr Industry Co.,Ltd.
                        • Mitr Kasetr Uthaithani Co.,Ltd.
                        • Khonburi Sugar Public Co.,Ltd.(Public)
                        • Eastern Sugar & Cane Co.,Ltd.(Public) 
                        • Erawan Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Burirum Sugar Co.,Ltd.
                        • Rajburi Sugar Factory Co.,Ltd.
                        • E - Saan Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.   
                        • Pranburi Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.
                        • Rermudom Sugar Factory Co.,Ltd.
                        • Ruamphol Nakhonsawan Co.,Ltd.
                        • Buriram Energy CO.,Ltd
                        • Ruamphol Bio Power CO.,Ltd
                        • KI Biogas Co.,Ltd.
                        • Ekarat Pattana Co.,Ltd.
                        • Khonburi Power Plant Co.,Ltd.
                        • Thai Ekaluck Power Co.,Ltd.
                        • Rajburi Ethanol Co.,Ltd.
                        • KI Ethanol Co.,Ltd.
                        • Environmentpulp and paper Co.,Ltd.
                        • Kaset Thai Bio Power Co.,Ltd.